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Get ahead and stay ahead by revising key poets with Alan Murnane this January.

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Revise Key Poets with Alan Murnane during school closures. Get ahead and stay ahead

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February Mid Term Study 2020

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Leaving Cert Revision Courses 2020/2021

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Online Revision Courses for LC 2020

We are delighted to launch our online Revision Courses for Leaving Cert 2021. Get ahead of the curve and use your summer to maximise your grades. These Revision Courses revise vital exam topics and provide students with excellent summary notes.

  • Full Access to all of the Available Courses for only €50
  • You have the option to purchase each course individually at a cost of €50 per course.
  • Summary notes also provided as part of this Comprehensive Package. Once purchased, fees are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable..
  • Courses cannot be shared between students. Should this arise, we will withdraw access without any refund.
  • Ensure to read the Revision Course content before you purchase as these courses are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Purchasing Online Revision Courses for LC 2020


LC Accounting (H) Course 1  - Purchase

LC Accounting (H) Course 2  - Purchase

LC Accounting (H) Course 3  - Purchase

LC Applied Maths (H)   - Purchase

LC Biology (H) Course 1  - Purchase

LC Biology (H) Course 2 -Purchase

LC Biology (H) Course 3 - Purchase

LC Biology (H) Course 4 - Purchase

LC Biology (H) Course 5 - Purchase

LC Business (H) 2020 available

LC Chemistry (H) Course 1  -Purchase

LC Chemistry (H) Course 2 - Purchase

LC Chemistry (H) Course 3 - Purchase

LC Chemistry (H) Course 4 - Purchase

LC Construction (H) Course - Purchase

LC D.C.G. (H) Course  - Purchase

LC Economics (H) Course 1 - Purchase

LC Economics (H) Course 2  - Purchase

LC English (H) Courses for LC 2020 available.

LC French (H) - Purchase

LC Geography (H) Course 1 - Purchase

LC Geography (H) Course 2 - Purchase

LC German (H)  - Purchase

LC Home Economics (H) Course 1 - Purchase

LC Home Economics (H) Course 2 - Purchase

LC Home Economics (H) Course 3 - Purchase

LC Irish (H) - Purchase

LC Maths (H) Course 1- Purchase

LC Maths (H) Course 2 - Purchase

LC Maths (H) Course 3 - Purchase

LC Maths (H) Course 4 - Purchase

LC Maths (H) Course 5 - Purchase

LC Maths (H) Course 6 - Purchase

LC Maths (P) Paper 1 - Purchase

LC Maths (P) Paper 2 - Purchase

LC Physics (H) Course 1 - Purchase

LC Physics (H) Course 2 - Purchase

LC Physics (H) Course 3 - Purchase

LC Physics (H) Course 4 - Purchase

LC Physics (H) Course 5 - Purchase