Why study our Mandarin Chinese Foundation Course?

We will introduce you to the latest language learning tools allowing you to learn Mandarin in depth and at speed.

You'll be part of our flipped classroom approach where you'll learn each weeks content at home in short homework sessions using our monitored online tool suite. Class time focuses on moulding the newly learned material into real life usage which can be readily reproduced with a natural fluency.

Your experienced tutor will give you insight into today's China, her political and business environment and of course her ancient culture and customs. Most importantly you will be shown why, culturally and philosophically, being Irish gives you an advantage in understanding and getting along with Chinese people.  

  • HSK 1 Exam in May 2020 

Course Outcomes:

By the end of the course:

  • You will have all the tools and skills you need to speak, read and type rudimentary Mandarin up to a minimum of HSK 1 You can expect to have a HSK 1 cert. 
  • You'll have made a great start to your Senior Cert in Mandarin. Choosing Chinese is then an easy points win instead of an unknown risk.
  • You will have a good understanding of what the rise of China means for us and how to work well with Chinese society, culture and business. 
  • You will be fully equipped to continue learning Mandarin in the most efficient way possible.

What is the HSK Exam?

The HSK is the Chinese Government standardised "Chinese Proficiency Test".  It is the global standard for non-native students and overseas Chinese.

Days and Time:

Next course commencing week beginning 9th March

This fee can be paid to the teacher on the day of the grind.


Transition Year

Students must attend two classes per week.

Choose from:

  • Monday & Wednesday 5pm - 6pm
  • Monday & Wednesday 6.15pm - 7.15pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday 6.15pm - 7.15pm

Students must attend both classes.  

€25 per class.

Prior booking essential by contacting 061-444989  


Additional Costs:

Total = €40

Additional Information on Studying Chinese: